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by StarrWalker  

I love magick! I enjoy being creative. Bringing magick to my everyday life is both fun and spiritually enhancing. Ritual is good, it adds a certain ambiance to daily life. It sets up a specific set of functions with a specified intention. With this in mind, I want to share with you some changes I have recently made in my home and in my daily life. The results of these changes has been quite significant!

Recently I taught a class in Sacred Space using a book by Denise Linn, titled the same. I really learned quite a lot teaching this particular class. I was introduced to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Ms. Linn has a unique approach called Intuitive Feng Shui. As a practitioner of the Craft, it really appealed to me to use my psychic intuition to feel what was needed to make the desired changes in my life and in my home.

To begin with you use a Ba-gua grid overlay to determine which areas of your house affect the various areas of your life. Then you can assess these areas to determine if any changes are needed. Take a diagram of your floor plan and overlay the grid on it. The front door must open into the side of the grid with Angels/Helpful People, Career Path in Life, or Self-realization/Inner Knowledge. It does not matter if this is the door you use to enter your home all the time or not. In fact, you may want to think about where you do enter your home!*

                               Wealth                   Fame                       Relationships
                         Abundance            Self-expression         Marriage

                         Family                   Health                      Offspring
                         Ancestors              Chi (energy)              Children
                         Heritage                                                 Projects

                        Inner Knowledge   Career Path              Helpful People
                        Self-realization       in Life                      Angels

In my home, you enter in the Angel/Helpful People area, I liked this! My massage room is in Career Path area with the table itself in the Chi area of the room. My altar (located on a wall in the massage room) and my computer, in the next room, are in the Inner Knowledge area, which was interesting. The kitchen is Marriage/ Relationship area. My bedroom is in the Abundance/ Wealth area but, the Chi energy and the Fame areas are both located in the bathrooms! This is not good! It was time to get to work and make some positive changes!

My goal was to make the house more prosperous in all areas: materially, spiritually, emotionally, and psychically. I began by physically cleaning my house, getting rid of any negativity, including the dead plant by the front door! Then I began magickally by taking a very Elemental Approach, to shift the energy in the house. In the kitchen, I created an altar in the window with rose quartz, a plant (for growth), and a heart candle holder (love), w/red candle. In the kitchen window I hung a cut-lead crystal heart, to bring rainbows into my life. Since I have done this I have begun dating a very wonderful man and we have plans to handfast soon!

In the Chi bathroom I hung up a wind chime to offset a sharp corner, hung up a silk plant for growth, bought a seven-day candle (rainbow for all chakras), put out two alabaster eggs (balance of yin/yang energy), one is black and the other is white and I have incense. In the other bathroom, a natural crystal was placed in the window for rainbow energies to enter the area.

In the living room I added a wind chime with a crystal to the archway outside the window. There are also three other wind chimes in the room to clear away negativity. The furniture placement was good and I already had an altar with a mirror over it, which is most auspicious. I purchased an eight-sided mirror, painted the ba-gua symbols on it representing the eight "houses" (areas) in red, and hung it to reflect negativity back out the front door. The results of this, was that the negative people in my life left and what remained were the positive ones who were willing to work towards common goals. This was a difficult transition but, upon reflection, probably necessary.

In the bedroom, furniture was rearranged, moving the bed away from under the window, (no more escaping Chi energy), creating a more spacious look, (room to grow). An altar for abundance was created beneath the window. Starting with a green altar cloth I added stones - rose quartz (love and healing), clear quartz (energy), smokey quartz (gets rid of negativity), and I purchased a malachite pyramid (to bring material wealth and love). I also bought a lead-cut crystal and hung it in the window, and a green (prosperity) seven-day candle. I put a copper disc under the phone to make it ring for business (I also put one under the living room phone). I purchased a water fountain with an angel for the altar, to help move the energy (abundance). Yes, business has increased, in fact so have other business opportunities increased in my life!

In the massage room, the table was painted a hunter green. Then coins were glued underneath, sigils and affirmations were attached and words of prosperity were all done on the underneath side of the table. A lead-cut crystal was hung in this window too, along with new drapes of gold and green design. I cleaned all the clutter off the wall-unit and created a simple altar (repeating the same theme with the stones). I even put out the chocolate dinner mints for my clients!

The patio entrance has changed too, it now has a small flower garden with fairy stones and wind chimes. Each day I begin by "waking up the house." It is a small ritual. I walk around to the various rooms ringing wind chimes, lighting candles and incense, spraying an atomizer filled with charged water (and a few drops of success and prosperity oil). I pull back the curtains so the crystals can shine their energy into the rooms and let the day begin on a positive note! I hope this will inspire you to look at your home and evaluate what you are putting out there. Your home reflects you, it reflects your attitude on life in general. So get busy creating a home that will help you realize your desires!

Blessed Be, StarrWalker

*This grid can also be applied to each room using the door of the room like it was the front door of the house and identifying the areas of each room (i.e. the wealth corner of the wealth room.) This then will enable you to specifically intensify the energy in that area.

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