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Greetings and welcome to our archives. This page consists of previously published articles from our newsletter PHASES. The content of each article is the opinion of the author and not necessarily the Temple staff. If you would like to submit an article, poem, or artwork to share with the pagan community, please see the submissions guidelines page. Any comments, or if you would like to link to us you can e-mail me at: It is our hope that you will enjoy and learn from these articles. They may be downloaded for your personal use. Please contact us for publication release!
Thank you and Blessed Be,

A Witch's Honor by StarrWalker  What is your word worth to you?

The Beauty of Ritual by Starrwalker Why do ritual? What do you get out of it? Do you "feel" it? Does it fulfill you?

Becoming POWER FULL by StarrWalker  Are you giving it away, our society requires that you do! Or have you truly claimed it?

The Birth of Samhain by Storm Ryan Thoughts on new beginnings.

Book Reviews - See what's new on the market from Llewellyn

Building Your Own Power Matrix by StarrWalker Have you been under "psychic attack," it this possible if you are well protected?

Cerridwen's Cauldron of Transformation: a New Year's Ritual A powerful and creative ritual to create change in your life, by Storm and Free Woman

Does Anyone Know Our Stories? by StarrWalker Understanding the power of story is important. Also includes "The Story of Creation" by StarrWalker

Goddesses of Old Europe - The Nameless Ones by StarrWalker Discover the roots of Goddess worship.

Guerrilla Spirituality by Free Woman Feel like the mundane world is closing in on you? How to "attack" that helpless feeling and take charge!

The House of Abundance by StarrWalker The art of Intuitive Feng Shui with a magickal touch!

The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Keyes A thought provoking excerpt from a great book!

Maiden, Mother, Crone: the three faces of the Goddess by StarrWalker Where are you in your life? What persona do you project?

Magickal Goal Setting by StarrWalker Create a magickal goal book to get all the things you want and deserve!

Making Your Budget Majikal by Storm Ryan Hints on how to make time for magick in your life!

Majik From the Earth by Storm Ryan A look at some of the magickal stones found here in Arizona - do you know which ones they are?

Milestones by Donna of Elendari A beautiful and moving story of a young "trad" witch and her grandmother, the High Priestess.

Moon Phases and Magickal Needs by StarrWalker Beyond the three phases, yes there is more to it than that! Plotting your course of action.

One Voice by Storm Ryan A call for pagans to share an opinion!

Pagan Sexuality - Yours, Mine, & Ours by StarrWalker Thoughts on how we approach our sexuality as pagans, privately and publicly.

The Passage by Dragon Walker Teachings for a young girl entering the rites of womanhood.

Prayer to Brigid by Free Woman An invoking poem for strength.

A Quest for Unity Among Pagans by StarrWalker What does this mean? Can pagans ever be "unified?"

The Rajah and The Butterfly by Free Woman A thought provoking parable for both children and adults

Resolutions: Solutions or Problems? by Storm Ryan How do you approach your New Year's promises?

The Scent of A Goddess by Dragon Walker A poem for pagan couples to learn to appreciate each other.

Touch Magick by Dragon Walker A new and different approach to the magick of relationships, beautifully written with magickal formulas included. 

What's In a Word? by Emaara Explore the power of words and what they mean in your life.

Whattodo? by StarrWalker Sitting in that armchair getting comfy? Get up! 

Witchling's Corner Learn who the Elemental's are together.




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