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ShapeShifter Tarot
Created by DJ Conway and Sirona Knight,
Illustrated by Lisa Hunt, ISBN 1-56718-384-0, $29.95

I was delighted when Llewellyn sent us this set of tarot cards to review! I always enjoy looking at different cards and we have all of both authors’ books in our Temple library. So with this in mind, we brought the cards to a Friday night discussion group to share. In fact, we did readings with them for everyone. The group found the cards to be excellent at giving a surprisingly in depth reading when each person only pulled three cards for a “what’s going on in my life” reading. The pictures are fantastic and exquisitely detailed. The only criticism that we had is that we wished the pictures were larger and easier to see. Ms. Hunt did a superb job of combining the animals and humans into intricate spiritual beings that shapeshift. The cards come with a large, easy-to-read book with detailed explanations as to the meaning of the card and its intent. Ms. Conway and Ms. Knight created a whole new tarot, with more cards, 24 major arcana and creative new insights. They related their new cards back to the familiar tarot cards with the familiar names. I am not sure this was necessary. The deck itself is so creative and insightful that one should not detract from it by trying to make a common denominator. For those of you who have an interest in animals, the totems, and a more shamanistic approach to the Craft, this deck was meant for you to use on your journey to the psychic world. Review by StarrWalker.

MAGICK for BEGINNERS, The Power to Change Your World
J.H. Brennan, ISBN 1-56718-086-8, $9.95

When I opened this book to read, the first sentence to present
itself said, “Finally, the dark aura of mystery that surrounds magick is removed!…” I then went on to review the contents and index, as is my usual manner. I then decided to give the first chapter of part one a serious critical reading and was assailed by a number of wonderful explanations, diagrams and instructions. Wonderful because they had been woven into an understanding as only a true master of the web of teaching could accomplish. That accomplishment in the first chapter made me desire to read on, and when I had finished I said to myself, “truly the esoteric veil has been lifted, and the smell of spring has returned to the garden of Magick.”
Brennan, has presented simple easy to understand rituals essential to the novice, such as: The “Ritual of the Lesser Banishing Pentagram,” and a full explanation of the Qabalistic Cross with pronunciation keys, pg. 12 –24; The “Depth Meditation Exercise” on pg. 206 – 210; The “Talisman Charging Ritual” on pg. 220 – 228, and The “Rose Cross Ritual” on pg. 228 – 230.
Brennan also provides an easy to understand Table of Correspondence, and easily understood descriptions and drawings of the basic tools of magick. This is a volume that should be found on the shelf of the true novice in desire of understanding. Well done, good and faithful servant. Book review by Dragon Walker.

The Magick of Aromatherapy, Use of Scent for Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit, Gwydion O’Hara, ISBN 1-56718-348-4, $14.95

This is perhaps the most in depth book on aromatherapy I’ve seen for magickal practitioners. Mr. O’Hara research and writing was insightful, comprehensive, yet balanced guide to the history, science and magick of scent. It addresses cultures from across the globe and contains scent correspondences for deities, zodiac, planets, elements, and magickal purposes. Dozens of time tested recipes for oil mixtures for magick and improving and maintaining health. Most importantly, you will find a solid foundation of information for you to make your won magickal and healing oils. Recommended for study groups. Welcome to your new hobby! Book review by Emarra.

Celtic Women’s Spirituality, Accessing the Cauldron of Life
Edain McCoy, ISBN 1-56718-672-6, $16.95

This book explores in depth the various aspects
the Celtic woman. It includes the usual standard of maiden, mother, crone, and best of all it also includes the historical aspects as well, warrior, priestess, virgin, matriarch, companion, woman! This exploration of women’s spirituality is done through text, meditation, and ritual. There is one ritual that was of special interest to me, “The Bonding of Two Soulfriends.” Ms. McCoy teaches us that soulfriends or, anamchara, is a spiritual partner who you would trust with your life and more importantly, your soul. The soul-friends bond through ritual balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses thereby acknowledging their commitment to each other and to the Goddess creating a formal bond of friendship. It is a very moving ceremony, not for the faint-hearted!  I can highly recommend this book to those women who are deeply committed to practicing the craft of the witch and the ways of the Goddess. In the back of the book are several short indexes filled with great information: how to create a ritual, how do an effective mediation, groups across the United States, where to purchase magickal supplies, and a list of various Celtic Goddesses and their correspondences. Major kudos, Ms. McCoy for a wonderful addition to the women’s spirituality movement! Book review by StarrWalker.

Enochian Magic for Beginners, The Original System of Angel Magic
Donald Tyson, ISBN 1-567180747-1, $14.95

 The basis of this book is the writings of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley about the information that was delivered to them by the angels themselves over a long period of time. Mr. Tyson carefully goes through each transcription and does an explanation along with drawings  of the item or concept that was being presented by the angels to Dee and Kelley. The book is highly detailed, with through explanations and will take some time to read. It is intended for the serious student who is dedicated to learning a higher level of magick, definitely not a “kitchen witch” book. An excellent reference book for the library of the practicing magickian. Book review by StarrWalker.

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