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Prayer to Brigid
by  Free Woman


Lady Brigid, gracious Mother of us all,
Goddess of fire, patroness of poets,
Grant me your blessings!
Shape me in wisdom
to become your quintessential daughter.
A woman of character, dignity, strength.
Make of me an iron hand in a velvet glove.
Not a fist, but a hand, open and extended
In love and kinship to all creation.
A hand of compassion and healing,
That embraces to nurture and succor.
But also, a hand of strength,
That guides and enables,
And, opens to set free.

Brigid, Lady of fire,
Imbue my spirit with the
Blessings of your elemental fire.
Teach me the control of the hearth fire,
That I may provide warmth and comfort.
Teach me to harness the fire of smithy and oven and kiln,
That I may be creative and productive.
Teach me the release of the wildfire,
That my passions may burn pure and spontaneous and deep.
Teach me the power of your fires of Chaos,
That, in times of need, I may burn
With all the righteous, destructive, recreate strength
Of your cauldron of Transformation.
Teach me the searing might of your fiery brand,
That I may cleanse and cauterize wounds of body and soul.
And, teach me the unvarying heat of your eternal love,
That your daughter may, likewise, nurture and nourish growth and enlightenment
In harmony with your All.

As I will, so mote it be. Blessed Be!

Full Moon Ritual January 23, 1997 


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