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The Mysterious Magickal Cat, D.J. Conway  catwink.gif (2039 bytes)

The traditional witches’ familiar is the subject of this book that explores the history, superstitions, legends and myths that surround the feline species. The various chapters include feline deities, stories of familiars, and magickal cat spells.Everything you could ever want to know magickally about cats and their ancestry, both mundane and magickal. Included is a section about the various species from the house cat to those who are far from tame! Perfect for the eternal cat lover! ISBN 1-56718-180-5, $15.95

Chinese Numerology; the Way to Prosperity & Fulfillment, Richard Webster  BS00559A.gif (2192 bytes)

So you think you know numerology? How about giving the "old-fashioned" Eastern method a try? The Chinese have numerology down to a fine science. Webster has included throughout the book numerous diagrams, charts, and descriptions that give you a step-by-step demonstration of how to do the Chinese method of numerological divination and it’s interpretation. You will learn the Lo Shu Grid (the magic square of 3 x 3) and it’s interpretations. You will learn of the Arrows of Strength and Weakness. There is a chapter on the Ki, which is based on the concept of yin and yang in the relationship of numbers. Great reading for the practicing numerologist and a wonderful research book for your magickal library. ISBN 1-56718-804-4, $12.95

Magickal Needlework, Dorothy Morrison 

Seeing for the "crafty" witch! The craft of the needle is an old one, and to many it harkins back to a time before when we did indeed weave into our work those spells that we made. As one sews, on can weave a spell in which one can conceive any desired wish. Using color, numbers, symbols, trance work you can weave and sew your way to wonderful craft projects. The book is filled with detailed, step-by-step instructions and pictures of a variety of different sewing projects including quilts, book covers, shawls, pouches, and more. The chapters include instructions on embroidery, knitting, crocheting as well as regular sewing. Perfect for those who want to learn to sew. ISBN 1-56718-470-7 $17.95

101 Feng Shui Tips for the Home, Richard Webster

So you are busy doing prosperity spells right and left and none of them seem to be quite working as well as you had hoped! Your bedroom is stacked with boxes, as of yet unpacked from your last move six months ago and there are two dead plants just outside the front door. You have incense and light a candle when you do a spell and the altar usually just sits there day after day, looking pretty but not used. There are dirty dishes in the sink and the trash hasn’t been emptied this week. Wonder why that spell for prosperity isn’t quite working? Read this book and find out! Room by room Richard goes through the house explaining the energy of each room and how to correct problems. He explains this age-old method of Chinese Feng Shui to create a happier, more relaxing and productive atmosphere in your home today! Great housewarming present! ISBN 1-56718-809-5, $9.95

Feng Shui for Apartment Living, Richard Webster

So you thought that if you had an apartment that you couldn’t do anything to change the structure? Well, a few well-placed plants, a mirror, some wind chimes and a water fountain can work wonders in an apartment to create a new more relaxing and productive atmosphere for you to live in successfully. Richard explains how to choose an apartment, in case you are presently looking for one, and what to do if you are already living in one. There is even a chapter for the studio apartment. Learn how to apply the Pa-kau to your apartment and understand how to change your life! ISBN 1-56718-794-3, $9.95

Gypsy Witchcraft & Magic, Raymond Buckland

Throughout the ages of time we have always had gypsies of one sort or another. They bring to mind campfires with exotic dancers, thieves, and fortune tellers. Travelling in their elaborate, painted wagons (ledge vardo), the colorful gypsies have crossed the continent of Europe. They brought with them magic and healing. Raymond carefully relates their history with some great black and white photos of the gypsy camps and the folk. Then each chapter is devoted to different magic: power and luck, talismans and amulets, protection and exorcism, bonding and binding, health and healing, and divination. A fascinating look at the Romany. ISBN 1-56718-097-3, $17.95

Teen Witch, Wicca for a New Generation, Silver RavenWolf

At last a new book by one of our favorite authors! This one addresses the issue of the teenage witch and how to cope with parents, friends, homework, teachers, and the boyfriend (girlfriend). Silver has experience with teenagers of her own, she can talk to the teens of today about issues that concern them. This book will also help those pagans who have teenagers to a better understanding of how bring the Craft into their children’s lives in a positive manner that is real and not sugar coated. Kids need something that they can seriously relate to and ways in which to cope with the problems that they face. Silver successfully combines magickal spells for homework with lessons on ethics. A must read and own for pagan parents, teens and even pagan community leaders! A wonderful gift for your teenage witch’s birthday! ISBN 1-56718-725-0, $12.95

Fate’s Crop Circle Calendar 1999 $12.00

Twelve months worth of fantastic, framable, full-color, high-quality photos of some of the most interesting creations on earth, the crop circle! These extraordinary, curious, formations stir the imagination, who made them? Why this shape? Are they power spots? No one really knows is someone trying to communicate with us? Appearing all over the world Stonehenge, Japan, Finland, Germany, etc. Formed over water sources, in fields of grain come these mysterious designs, leaving the human mind to ponder their meaning and wonder at the sacred geometry. Makes a great gift for the Yule season!

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