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            A WITCH'S HONOR  

                by StarrWalker  

Honor, as defined as respect or esteem. Honor is something that we don't give away lightly. It is something that we all want. It is something that has to be earned. I attended the MidSummer's campout sponsored by the Sacred Grove, and the featured speaker was Silver RavenWolf. She and I had an interesting conversation about this subject. It was the main lesson that I derived from the group that weekend. This is not to say that I do not have honor but, it gave me a new perspective on the subject. I personally believe that when you go places, meet people, etc., it is never by accident. You always leave having learned a at least one lesson, unless of course, you were asleep!

The Universe sends us messages constantly, we need to be able to tune in to them. So, with that belief in mind, I had to ask myself what did I get out of the weekend? I met several fairly important people that weekend and made some valuable contacts for the future. This was great and I had fun, but that was not enough for me. I also was shown a much bigger picture of who we are, and where we are going. Strangely enough this occurred in the merchant pavilion where many of us sat talking away the morning, sharing stories, antidotes and ideas. Several leaders of the various attending groups were there participating. As I watched the interaction among the different people there was true camaraderie and companionship, no one was better than anyone else, there was genuine acceptance. Each person was important, their ideas were respected, and their opinions were valued. There was honor.

Each of the various leaders that attended that weekend has a different agenda, for this lifetime, let alone that weekend. We each have different jobs to do in the greater scheme of things. Each leader has a different task, a different calling, a different assignment from the Universe. This is what Silver and I discussed. That to recognize these differences and to support each other is important. This is honor.

The Divine Circle of The Sacred Grove is building a community to live and teach in and for others to come and grow. This is their job. Silver's is to teach, thousands of people, with her books, she opens minds and new possibilities for people. Jacque Zaleski and Don Mackenzie are creating the Wind Tree Ranch community in Douglas to reclaim and reforest some of the damaged lands. Ashleen O'Gaea and Canyondancer write books and have a local group that teaches reverence for the earth. Rhiannon and others taught the beauty of music with ritual drumming. With the Temple of The Triple Goddess, my job is to open doors, gateways for people to walk through. Each of us shared, each of us had a mission, each of us honored the other. Recognition of the differences is honor.

No one person's job was more important than the other, each was important. This is true of all of us. I do not know what each person's personal mission is, nor do I need to.  I only need to honor them by recognizing that it is their job. As community leaders we all need to set the standard for other's to follow, for that is the role of the teacher/healer. Each of us must listen to that inner voice and follow it. Bringing our personal belief systems into our daily lives and expanding them into the Universe. This brings personal honor. This how we create a difference in our world. I was really grateful for this insight, although I already knew it in a manner of speaking, watching it play itself out in reality was wonderful.

So, take a few minutes, reflect, and ask yourself (or if you are part of an organization or a group), what is your mission? What is your job? Write it out physically, giving it power. This is something that I believe is missing in many groups, they get bogged down in rules and the mind games that people play and lose sight of their mission, their purpose. They are not honoring themselves, much less anyone else. This is an active participatory religion, and just "getting together for the holidays," is most likely not going to satisfy your spiritual needs, nor accomplish your spiritual mission. We honor when we give voice to and recognize ourselves. Like everything else, honor has to begin at home! You must first honor yourself, before others can be expected to honor you.

You may be wondering at this point, just what is my mission? Well, it started out as one thing; to create a space for people to share, learn, and grow, and for groups to practice the Craft openly. The Temple was started several years ago and this began to happen. So my "job" grew and changed, now it seems that the new byword for me is empowerment. Words have taken on new meanings, and it all began with honor. To this end I have several goals. So stay tuned for more information coming forthwith! I am more than certain the Universe will be sending me bulletins!

In the name of the Mother, Blessed Be, StarrWalker


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