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  Building Your Own Power Matrix   

by StarrWalker    

power, n. 1. ability to do or effect something 2. ability or right to command, control, or make decisions; authority

matrix, n. 1. that in which something is originates, develops, forms, or is contained.

A man's (or woman's in this case), home is his castle, or at least it should be. It is your base of power, your sanctuary, your place to be yourself, a safe haven from the rest of the world. How can you create a place that you can feel in command and is yours to control?

You can build a web of power and protection that surrounds both your home and yourself. To begin with, go outside and walk around your home or apartment taking a good look at the structure. What you are looking for is the type of surroundings that you actually live in. You are looking for ways to both improve and use what is naturally there or available to you. Look for ways to invite the Elements into your home to create an area of protection and growth for yourself.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, is there a nearby tree that you could put a bird feeder in? When you do this it  invites the spirits of the birds into your life. Their singing is joyful, their survival instinct is powerful, and their ability to adapt is commendable. Is there a place to plant some flowers? Even a few flowers will enhance the living area. Plants are life-affirming and their auras are very cleansing. If your apartment doesn't allow you to plant things, then maybe performing an act of senseless beauty is in order! Buy flower seeds and scatter them around in the plant beds or near large rocks in the landscape. Consider putting up wind chimes as a way of inviting new ideas and fresh thoughts into your home. The chimes also can clear away negative vibes from around your home.

Inside your home there are many things you, as the magickal practitioner, can do to enhance your personal protection. You could begin by physically cleaning your house. If you would like, there are even some formulas for magickal washes to use during house cleaning. You could put on some good "mood" music to motivate you and light some uplifting incense to rouse your spirits. Get rid of negative things from the past and physical ties to people (such as old spouses/live-ins), who are no longer a positive part of your life now. It is surprising how much better you will feel by releasing the past and  how empowering it is to take charge of your life, reclaiming that power which is rightfully yours.

After you have completed your house cleaning, you are ready to do a ritual for home protection. If you feel safe within your home, then you will be able to use it to gather power for yourself. Cast your circle to include your entire home. Ritually sweep your home with your magickal broom and then stand or hang the broom by the front door to "stand guard" for you. Be sure to have a broom that has been magickally charged at all outside entrances to your home. Then smudge your home thoroughly, going into all the corners and around all the doorways and windows. Go from room to room telling your house spirit what you need, repeating it again and again like a chant. In the windows draw a pentacle (or other sigil) of protection. I like to place pine cones in my windows for this purpose. As a part of the ritual you should invoke the powers of your totem animal to help protect you and your home. Place representations of your totem around the home. I have done this with my owls. The spirit of owl guards every doorway in my home by facing that doorway. I have owls in every room, even the bathroom. It's a nice collec- tion and most people pass it off that way, thinking that I'm really into owls. It works for me!

Near your front door you can place or hang symbols of prosperity and protection. Hang a horse shoe over the entrance to bring good luck into your home. Tie a small muslin bag of herbs for protection to your broom and while you are at it, hang a few feathers from your broom. Make a protection seal and put it on the back of a picture near the front door. Make or purchase a hex sign for protection and hang it either inside or outside the front door (see HexCraft by Silver RavenWolf.) Hang bells on your front door it helps keep away the evil spirits and lets you know when one has entered! I realize that many of these things sound like superstitions, and they are, all with a magickal basis. So utilize the universal consciousness.

Set up altars for yourself in various rooms of your home, the living room, bedroom, wherever. Do not forget to create one in your work space. Altars do not have to have a formal, by-the-book set up. In my massage room I have one that has two beautiful statues of Kuan Yin, a few quartz crystals, and a green dish with a deer, dried flowers, and seashells. My clients do not know what it is and it gives me a feeling of peace and protection. It is especially important to set out stones to absorb negativity and increase protection in the various rooms throughout the house. I like to use a dark smokey quartz for absorbing negativity in the living room. Rose quartz is on my altar in the massage room, to enhance the loving, caring feeling of massage. Clear crystal quartz are set on all the altars for protection and the positive vibrations these stones provide.

You should also evaluate the stones that you carry with you, making sure that you have the ones that you feel you need. If you are uncertain which stones to carry, then consult Scott Cunningham's, book Crystal, Gem, and Mineral Magic or the one of the books on crystal and stones by Melody.

Another thing that you can do is find a personal oil that compliments your personality and use it to enhance your protection. Which oil is the best for this purpose is strictly an individual choice. Use this oil to represent you in your spell work and wear it during ritual. You may even wish to wear this oil on a daily basis, making it your signature oil. Jewelry is another way to protect yourself. Wear symbols that have personal meaning to you and charge them for your personal protection. Many witches wear amber, jet, or crystals for this reason. A medicine pouch also serves this same purpose, as does a pentacle and other religious medallions.

Building a personal power matrix takes time to do and maintain. It is not something that you can just throw together in one catch-all spell. Doing positive magick in the home on a regular basis and living a magickal lifestyle will help you maintain a powerful home base. It will constantly renew the magickal power of your home. It also works best if the reason that you do your magick is "right" and not harmful to others. I have known people who did protection spells, and have it turn out negative for them, and in some cases, even come back on them. It would seem, they were the ones that others needed protection from! If you follow these suggestions, you will find that your home will feel good to you and to others.

For additional information read Denise Linn's book Sacred Space.



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