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Moon Phases and Magickal Needs -

      do you really know them?

by StarrWalker    

Most practitioners of the Craft usually refer to the moon in it's four phases: full, new, waxing, and waning. The more advanced students may also know what the dark of the moon is and will tell you it is a "bad time to do magick!" However, the moon like most feminine beings is far more complex than this. Can you imagine how dull we would be if there was only the me that went to work and the me that was a mom? There are so many facets to our personalities and we change as needed to suit the situation. Who I am as the High Priestess, is not the same as Grandma, is still different from the me that is an extroverted lover, and still different yet from the me that is the woman who shops at the grocery store. We all have many masks that we wear, and so does the moon. She changes daily and over the course of a week her phases shift dramatically.

Full Moon Magick                                                        Disseminating Moon Magick

Timing: moon rises at sunset,                         Timing: moon rises at mid-evening,
sets at dawn,the most powerful                    sets at mid-morning, the best time
time for spell work is midnight.                    for magick is about 3 a.m. The moon
This phase occurs 14 to 17                       is 225-270   ahead of the sun.
days after the new moon. The                     Phase lasts 3 to 7 days after full  moon is directly opposite the sun.                     moon.

Magicks: This is a time for balance in          Magicks: This is the time to begin
life, it is a time of completion. Full                banishing illness, addictions, bad
moon magick can include a wide variety        habits, negativity. You should focus
of magicks: protection, prosperity, love,         on changing old ideas, banishing any
legal issues, divination, self-improvement,      negative situations or relationships.
change, knowledge, decisions, relationships.   A great time for night owls to work.

Waning Moon Magick                               Dark Moon Magick

Timing: moon rises at 12 a.m., sets at           Timing: moon rises about 3 a.m.,
noon, early morning 6 a.m. is the best            sets at midnight. Best time to work
time for spell work. This phase lasts               is 10 a.m. The dark moon occurs
7 to 10 days after the full moon.                 10 to 14 days after the full moon.

Magicks: Continue banishing work, re-          Magicks: This is a time to explore
leasing, letting go of negative situations.          one's shadow self, that which is
This is also a good time for healing magic       usually hidden. A time to explore the
especially that of banishing illness, such          "darker" side of our personality. A
as tumors, depression, stress.                        time for the magick of justice against
                                                                  those who would steal, harm, etc.

New Moon Magick                                   Crescent Moon Magick

Timing: moon rises at dawn and sets           Timing: moon rises at mid-morning
at sunset. High noon would be a great          and sets after sunset. Best time to
time to do spell work. New moon work        work is about 3 p.m. This phase lasts
can be done from the day of the new            3 to 7 days after the new moon.
moon to 3 days after.

Magicks: Traditionally a time for new         Magicks: This is a time to lay the
beginnings and new projects. New ideas       foundation for new beginnings to
come to the surface. Magick for fresh           happen and come to fruition. A time
getting a fresh start. New relationships,         to call on the Goddess to assist you
jobs. Garden magick can be done here          in reaching your goals.
or at the full moon.

Waxing Moon Magick                             Gibbous Moon Magick

Timing: moon rises at noon, sets at             Timing: moon rises mid-afternoon,
midnight, with sunset the prime .                 sets at 3 a.m. The best time for a
magickal time. This moon is 7 to 10            magickal working is about 10 p.m. days after the new  moon.                           This moon phase is 10 to 14 days
                                                                 after the new moon.

Magicks: Waxing moon is the time              Magicks: This is a time to tie loose
to give your spells an extra push for             ends together, finish up all or spell
success. It is a time to bring in the                work, then adopt a wait and see
Elementals for assistance.To do magick        attitude. If inclined do a meditation
for factors that could affect the outcome      on the spell, seeing it completed.
 such as luck, friends, courage, etc.   

Information source for this subject was To Stir a Magick Cauldron, Silver RavenWolf, Llewellyn Publications, 1995

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