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A New Year's Ritual

written for the full moon November ‘97        

by Storm Ryan & Free Woman

Items needed for ritual:
 warm water (for the cauldron)
 stones painted with runes
 life affirming herbs (should be whole, not ground)
 a thin sheet of ice (make on a cookie sheet)
 sharp nails (to inscribe on the ice)
 candles: red - for life
               black - for banishing
               gold & silver - for the God and Goddess
 Cakes and ale: hot chocolate w/marshmallows
                           Snickerdoodles and oatmeal raisin cookies

Altar set-up:
Place God and Goddess candles towards the back, the cauldron in the center with the red and black candles on either side. In the cauldron place the rune stones upside down so that the participants cannot see the inscription, fill with the cauldron with warm water (to melt the ice). Sprinkle the herbs in the water, to float on the water, this will prevent the participants from peeking and selecting a particular rune stone, should one get turned over.

Cast a circle inviting energies for transformation, the courage to let go of the past, inviting Cerridwen to join your circle and ask for her guidance. Begin by instructing everyone on how the releasing will be done for this ritual. If necessary, open the circle up with a round house discussion on releasing. Put on quiet music, have participants sit in a circle, ground and center, then meditate on what it is in their lives that they would like to release. When ready, each participant should then approach the altar individually and take a piece of ice and inscribe on it with a sharp nail that which he/she chooses to release. Holding the ice in their power hand until it begins to melt, then thrust it into the cauldron, spinning it around until melted. Then, they should reach into the bottom of the cauldron to receive a message from the Goddess, (rune stone), which they should take with them, and return to sitting in the circle. Quiet should be maintained during the releasing portion of the ritual, out of consideration for the others. This is repeated until all the participants have had a chance to release something into the cauldron. Then cakes and ale should be shared in the circle. Afterwards the participants could discuss their runic messages and seek clues and guidance as to how to proceed from there in their lives.

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