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by StarrWalker  

Are you POWER FULL? Empowered? Able to make decisions? To create your own reality? To lead your own life? SELF-EMPOWERED? I know this may sound a bit odd, but many of us are still victims of our upbringing. There are some people in the Craft that were raised pagan and do not have societies' hang ups, but the majority of folks have dealt with a Christian background and the moral upbringing that goes with it. Many people are taught from birth that they are not worthy, that they are not perfect, that they are not whole and complete individuals. This is the attitude permeates our view of ourselves, even if you like yourself! We give our POWER away with this very attitude, it deprives us of achieving the goal of reaching our full potential. As Craft practitioners, this vastly affects how we function. I propose that we practice positive SELF-EMPOWERMENT on ourselves and with others.

If you think you are completely SELF-EMPOWERED try some of these exercises, you may change your opinion and begin to reclaim what is rightfully yours! Sit down with two pieces of paper. On the first paper, write all the things that you DO NOT WANT in your life. This should be fairly easy, and the list will probably be pretty long, it could even cover both sides of the paper. Most people can begin writing immediately about all the things that thee do not want in their lives. Set that paper aside. On the second piece of paper, write all the things you DO WANT in your life. This may take awhile, you will be surprised at how much harder it is. You may be afraid to write what you truly want. You may be inhibited by, I can't do that, or I can't have that. How many of you got started wrote a few items, then got stumped? Remember that thoughts are things! Where are you placing your POWER in your life? On the WANT list, or on the DO NOT WANT list? Interesting idea, where does your POWER lie?

Another exercise to try requires a group of people, so do this the next time you gather for a full moon or a sabbat. The only thing you will need is a watch. Break into groups of  three people, have one person sit in the center. The other two people will simultaneously whisper into their ear only POSITIVE SELF-AFFIRMING things for one minute. They must say as many things as they can think of without stopping, as fast as they can. It is okay to repeat things. Then at the end of the time have them switch positions, until each person has had a turn in the center. Turn it into a SELF-EMPOWERMENT ritual. This exercise should guide the individual into what he or she needs to work on as individual for SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

It is surprising how hard this exercise is to do. It can be difficult to think of that many positive things to say to someone. We too frequently focus on the negative things about someone. By doing this we EMPOWER NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. If we shift our focus by saying only positive things, then we also shift what we empower. Try going through an entire day where all of your conversations are focused only on the positive aspect of things, and when a negative aspect arises, you must rephrase it into a positive thought form. In this way you are claiming your own POWER. WORDS ARE POWERFUL! As practitioners of the Craft, we already know that intellectually. However, we may not realize how we are subconsciously using this powerful tool. What we put out into the Universe is important, is it empowering for us or are we giving way our POWER?

You can empower yourself. We have all heard about how we should not allow ourselves to think in negative terms, such as "I can't do that, I don't know how," etc. But, do we realize how much of our Power we give away in everyday conversation? It takes conscious effort to change this type of thought form, and thoughts are things!

How do you change your personal self-image? Well besides the obvious things such as a change in diet, exercise, and practicing positive affirmations in front of the mirror each day, you could try changing how you approach problems. An example of this is your health. Let's say that you are always tired and you never seem to get as much done as you would like to. Probably your energy level is low, what is this due to? Do you smoke, then at least switch to natural tobacco cigarettes and quit smoking chemicals! Do you drink alcohol on a regular basis, too excess? How about changing to something you brew that is at least more natural. Are you overweight? Is it due to unhealthy eating habits or are you simply just not a teenager anymore? What about your diet, do you still eat red meat, no wonder you are sluggish! Do you take any vitamins? I have found is that many Craft practitioners are amazingly uninformed about their own health. They complain a lot, and are willing to do little about it. Your body is an outer reflection of your inner self.

Do some research (read books) on the various physical problems that you have. Search for ways to help yourself naturally through the use of herbs and vitamins, self-directed therapy is much more motivating than senseless diets. This type of therapy can help with depression, weight loss, arthritic pain, and many other physical problems. How you feel physically affects how you think, accept responsibility for yourself. Seek professional help if needed, for either physical or mental problems. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  Your body must last you roughly one lifetime, give or take a day or two!

Why all this focus on POWER? We need to claim our own Power, not give it away consciously or even subconsciously. It  will enhance your life, your life will change and your personal direction will become clearer as you shift your thinking base from negative to positive. It will enhance your ability to accomplish things in both the mundane and the magical world. Other people will admire you. Your outlook on life itself will change, as will your ability to handle difficult situations. As your thought forms shift, so will your ability.  You will have ENABLED YOURSELF to do so much more! Your life could easily take a new direction, your confidence level will increase, and you will not be looking for direction, but instead you will have one.  YOU ARE NOW A TRULY EMPOWERED INDIVIDUAL! Have fun exploring the new you!




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