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by Storm Ryan


The holidays are finally over. The leftovers, that everyone is sick of seeing, sit untouched in the fridge. For most of us, our lives are just beginning to get back to normal, whatever that is. This is traditionally the time of year that people make their New Years Resolutions. You know, those grandiose promises that are make, and then two weeks later discarded for their lack of attainability. It isn't that we didn't mean to do them. No, we were quite sincere when we made those promises. The problem with that, is that most of us tend to want to change or fix everything all at once. We become so overwhelmed after a few days that we end up throwing in the towel. So, instead of empowering ourselves with self-improvement, we actually are setting ourselves up to fail.

Self-improvement is something that we all are involved in on some level. We all have issues that we are working on. One of my favorite ways to work on my issues is to write. I have a journal that I write in. This is something that I have done off and on for 15 years. my journals have contained poetry, songs, letters to people that I had no way to contact, all kinds of things. It doesn't matter what I write. What is important is that I am getting my feelings out onto paper. That makes the feelings a little more tangible to see them there in black & white. I helps to give them a shape and depth that they maybe didn't have before, when they were locked up inside me. I have found that once the issue makes it onto the paper it is easier to deal with. Writing it down forces you to define the issue in finite terms, making it easier to deal with.

I still have several of the journals I have done over the years. That way I can look back and see the progress I have made. It is a truly empowering experience. Self empower-met is an acquired skill, much like carpentry. You have to learn how to do it one step at a time. You start out small, then build on the base you have created. My journal isn't a huge unattainable project, it isn't even something that I do every day. I do it as I need it. It was a good place to start.

There are several ways to work on self empowerment. Another thing I like to do is write affirmations on the bathroom mirror. This is a very simple but, very powerful spell, you can do for yourself. Once you write your affirmation on the mirror, you see it every day, often several times a day. You also see yourself in that mirror. More importantly, you see the affirmation super imposed over your reflection. That way you reflect the affirmation. In the beginning, it may not seem like much but, give it a month and I know you'll notice the difference. Then change the affirmation, and work on something else for a month.

What is important isn't what you do, or how much time it takes, or even how you do it. What is important is that you do something. Start small, and set yourself up for success! Blessed Be!




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