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By Dragon Walker  

Born of the Goddess, She who is the Universe, Barer of Her Creative Fruits, and renewed by the Cycle of the Moon, Maiden, Mother and Crone; Nurturer, Peacemaker, Healer; Priestess and Warrior, in all the world She alone is called Woman.

Thy scent is as the incense upon the altar which sets my Spirit free to roam among the Stars, even to embrace the euphoric trance, the Universe and all Her Mysteries.

It is as the breeze after the rain, which breathed deep, relives all stress, provides joyous relaxation and soothes the Soul.

It is as a baby’s touch, soft and gentle upon the senses.

It gently strikes the cords of desire within the heart, and plays the Lyre’s tune of Love as it drifts upon the breeze.

It is more enticing than the physical embrace which sets it flight among the senses or even the most sensuous caress.

For once inhaled it sets the mind free and captures the soul of desire with a strength greater than the strongest chains.

There is no resistance or immunity for it is the very Essence of Life, capable of soothing the soul and enraging the passions without mercy.

For, thy scent, the very Essence of a Woman,, is like unto the Phases of the Moon:

The New Moon is like the first waft of scent upon the senses, it entices and enchants drawing you nearer unto its source, thus She is called The Enchantress;

And, like the Waxing Moon, the scent grows ever stronger until engulfed by euphoric elation, the passions building in intensity until fully inflamed, they ignite, as we begin our ascent to soar among the stars;

Bathing us in the warmth of the Universal Womb, the seed planted giving birth to the Full Moon. Physical vision but a blur, the Heart Beat of Creation resonates upon the ears, mind and soul engulfed by scent and immersed in your essence, remain captive to the passions you have stirred like the Tempest, until fully sated;

And with the coming of the Waning Moon you lull into serene relaxation drifting among the star decked heavens of the Universe until enticed once more by The Enchantress.

For, in all creation there is none more unique than the scent of a Woman.

For, thy scent is as the incense upon the alter which sets my Spirit free to roam among the Stars, even to embrace the euphoric trance, the Universe and all Her Mysteries.

May the Blessings of the Goddess and Oroborus be with you.
Blessed Be
Blessed Be
So Mote It Be

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