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Does Anyone Know Our Stories?  

by StarrWalker  

It was an oral tradition. We hear that so much when discussing the Celts, Druids, and the "lost knowledge." Until fairly recent history, all of mankind's history was remembered and repeated by an oral tradition. The common folk did not read and write, the scholars did, but most of history was not lived by the scholars. The common everyday person is the one that really made history, just as they are today. We have the scholars, statesmen, etc. but, they are really a very small part of our society. The stories and legends of the Goddesses and the Gods were repeated around the campfires, at the kitchen hearth, and as they traveled the roads. These stories were intermixed with stories of families, battles, conflicts, conquests, and the multitude stories of everyday life. This was how people learned to live, there were no schools to send the children off to, there were no universities for several millennium. There were the stories. We each have a story to tell, it is the story of our life. It is broken down in many parables that relate to specific incidences in our lives; marriage, divorce, childbirth, death, childhood experiences, etc.

When we gather together in society today, we keep a careful distance from each other. We have to be friends, in order to share, or it may not be safe. We keep our guard up, sometimes even with our own families and our children. In some situations we are far more apt to share our stories, such as around a campfire, it seems to bring out a certain sense of comradery. Families in our society have become so far flung that we often have lost that sense of who we are and where we came from. Americans today are searching for the answer to that very question. We are going out among strangers looking for a sense of family, needing to belong, to find a sense of being. Out of this need has come many subcultures and icons. We have gangs who wander the streets committing crimes, then regal each other with stories of their prowess. Movie and TV stars are the modern version of the Gods and Goddesses. Americans love the movies, they tell a story. People are thirsty for knowledge of who they are, how they got here, and where they are going. We need our stories! It is true that today books are plentiful and it is possible for people in the United States to get an education and read. This is not true for the entire world. In the modern culture we need to seek out our stories, share them with friends and family, or they too will become lost because it was an oral tradition! With this in mind, I will share with you a story. The Story of Creation In the vastness of the time and space continuum, there are many galaxies and universes, within them are starrs. (This is the correct spelling of starr as I "remember it.") Each starr has living upon it, thousands of rays of light which are beings. Not beings as we know of them, not human. In the passing of time, these beings left their home on the starr, traveling to a new destiny through time and space. When they came upon the earth, they thought it was so very beautiful, with its oceans, mountains, and rain forests, that they decided to stay. Within the forests they transformed themselves into beautiful translucent beings of light, shimmering lavender and green . One could barely even catch a glimpse of them. They could pass from inside a flower, to inside a plant, a tree was a friend to live inside of, there were no barriers. These beings of light could travel very fast all over the planet earth at the speed of light.

Then one day, one of the light spirits entered the earth and went down so far that when she arose, she had become one with the earth. As she stood upon the rocks that covered the earth, she admired her new body, made of the earth's red clay. It slid down her full breasts, and across her full hips, down her thighs. We know of her as the Goddess of Willendorf. As she tossed her long red hair, she caught sight of herself in the lustful eyes of yet another spirit. He too had changed. He had passed into a tree and remained so long that he became one himself. He had green leaves for hair, a full beard of tree roots, with strong trunk-like legs for his body. He was Green Man.

Each thought the other so very beautiful, that they began to share their energies. As they joined together, each loving the other so much, a new form of energy was created. They called the energy created from their union, human. This is the story of creation as told to me by the Goddess. This is why you can close your eyes and reach down into the earth to touch Her and why you can reach your arms into the sky and feel Her warmth.

So be it. StarrWalker




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