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Unity - Yep! Here we are again!  

I just can’t seem to let this one go by the way side for long without dragging out that proverbial soapbox again. It won’t go away! The Universe just won’t let!

So just what is pagan unity? Does it mean that we all need to band together in a huge coalition? You ever heard of herding cats? Well, it might be real similar. But, you can herd cats, with some real determination! So who wants to herd cats? It can be dangerous!

Coming to mature decisions should be the responsibility of any witch. You are able to decide who controls your life. If you think it’s you, when did you last vote? I watch the news, and although I could care less about who did what to who sexually, there is an issue of integrity, of honesty at least with one’s self. I keep thinking, time is getting closer, and closer. We need to be heard.

Those who follow the old religions actually exemplify the original founders of our country. Those men and women were pioneers, brave, outspoken, and many were quite pagan. Many of the founding fathers were Masons. Look at the dollar bill and you will find symbols that are certainly not Christian. Think about it! Why are there so many of us now? Yet, no one knows how many because we keep quiet. For some folks it is necessary due to job difficulties, others due to their families.

Yet, the least we could do is agree to disagree. We can back up those who are willing to take a public stand for the earth and those who live here. Honor should be rampant among us. Respect should be the order of the day, not gossip. The old saying, "If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just don’t say anything," has some validity.

So what is pagan unity?

Realizing the importance of "the work."

Honoring each other, all roads lead to the same destination, or maybe not, but it is your path to follow.

Respecting the differences in our life’s work, everyone’s job is important. We need everyone: teachers, healers, writers, everyone.

Respecting the right of some to not speak out, while others may choose to be quite vocal for their rights and the rights of others.

Honoring all religions – You have no right to ask for what you are not willing to give!



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