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Witchlings Corner -  Learn the Elements!      

There are many activities that you can do with young pagan children in the spring time, this is an excellent time to teach them about the different elements and the Elementals. This is an area of the Craft that holds much interest for the little ones. Begin by reading together books about the faeries. They are available at the library, many of the major bookstores have excellent children's sections, and of course there are the Craft books on the traditions for older children. Two of my favorites are Edain McCoy's,  A Witches' Guide to Faery folk and Ted Andrew's Enchantment of the Faerie Realm. Don't forget that there are different faeries for each of the elements. If you are unfamiliar with faery lore, then this is a nice way for you to learn together.

Make a faery mobil using a wire coat hanger as the base, find some greeting cards with faery pictures on them and cut them out. Glue them to construction paper for added strength. Using white glue decorate with sequins, glitter, etc. Add some pretty ribbons with silver jingle bells glued to the bottom of them to your hanger.

Continue to explore the elements with the children, teaching them the basics is easy now with their inquiring minds. For the element of Air, now is a great time to go out and harvest some sweet broom and make a new broom for the house or even for their room. It is also a great time to; gather rocks for painting, sticks for wands, etc. Don't forget to teach them to offer thanks to the plants and the earth as they harvest.

For the element of Fire, you could teach them to make simple beeswax tapers and votives. I have done this with my grand- children and they love to make candles. The oldest one also loves to grind herbs in my stone dish. This is a great way to teach them the art of making incense.

The element Earth is always easy with kids, they love to play in the stuff! So go to the sand box and make symbols in the sand and have a game guessing what they are and what they mean. Or try making a faery castle in the sand. Plant a herb garden with the kids.

Water is easy too, visit places with fountains and see if you can see the faeries playing in the water. If you are feeling ambitious, make a fountain in your home. There are several inexpensive ones available in the stores to get you started. Try using a water sounds tape to play at night for bedtime.

Another fun way to teach children about the elements is through stone magick. Children like stones, they all do. Take a trip to a local rock shop, or go to a stone and mineral show. Help them to collect together various types of stones and teach them what the stones magickal properties are. Like citrine is good to keep away your nightmares, obsidian is a good place to put your anger when you are mad at your friends. Using a small piece of fabric, make a pouch for their stones. Have fun and learn together!
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