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Aromatherapy for the Bath

They say that Mary, Queen of Scots soaked in wine, and Cleopatra bathed in asses’ milk. Today, we don’t have to go to all that trouble for a truly exquisite bathing experience. There are available a multitude of bathing products on the market: foams, gels, soaps, and bubbling potions to soothe and relax you. Unfortunately many contain additives that are not good for you. Today in the Orient, the bath is still held sacred and is used for the purposes of healing and prolonging life. Water is cleansing, soothing, the elixir of life and oils are the natural perfumes of earth! Who said that oil and water don’t mix?

However, today we have available a multitude of fine essential oils and magickal blends that can turn your bath time into a wonderful stimulating event for all your senses and you will know exactly what is going into the water! The best way to use essential oils in the bath is to add them drop by drop. Usually 8 drops (or less for some oils), is enough to scent the water and imbue yourself with their magickal properties and healing benefits. A hot, steamy bath will open up the pores and allow you to relax and cleanse yourself. Don’t be tempted to add more oil to the water after a few minutes, as your nose adjusts to the scent. You don’t want to overdue, heat increases the impact of any aroma, and the effect of the warm water. You can combine some scents together in your bath water for the ultimate aroma and effect, such as Rose and Jasmine. Just add a few drops of each to the water.

For an energizing bath on a hot day, (or after a long day at the office), try adding the following to your bath water: three drops each of lemon and lavender. During the winter on a cold day try using two drops of cinnamon and four drops of sandalwood. To create a more relaxing bath try three drops each of jasmine, lavender, and chamomile. Or try something a bit more "punch," three drops each of sandalwood and frankincense. For those romantic evenings prepare a seductive bath for yourself using neroli, rose, and ylang-ylang, three drops of each. To use the bath for ritual preparation you can add a cup of sea salt to the water for purification or cleansing or rock salt for balance and grounding. Another method would be to use a wet washcloth and dip it in salt crystals and rub it over your body before immersing yourself in the water.

Essential Oil Therapeutic Use Amount of drops

Basil relieves nervous fatigue, invigorating, energizing     3

Bergamot uplifting, antidepressant, relieves anxiety     4

Chamomile peaceful sleep, personal growth, balancing 6

Cinnamon powerful, strength, stimulating     2

Clary Sage purify, calming, uplifting, cleansing     5

Eucalyptus healing both physical and emotional     6

Frankincense spiritually uplifting, opens psychic centers     4

Geranium relieves nervous tension, mood-uplifting     6

Jasmine stimulates, erotic, euphoric, confidence     4

Juniper relieves intellectual and nervous fatigue    4

Lavender calming, astral body, refreshing, restorative     6

Lemon stimulating, arousing, refreshing, cleansing 5

Myrrh stimulant, psychic centers     3

Neroli antidepressant, soothing, relieves tension 4

Orange refreshing, soothing sleep, relieves insomnia   3

Patchouli erotic, arousing, sexual enhancement 4

Peppermint stimulant, antidepressant, mental strain  3

Rose romantic, soothing, calming, uplifting 6

Rosemary mental fatigue, appeasing, memory stimulating     5

Sandalwood elevating, grounding, sensual, arousing  6

Tangerine relieves hysteria, insomnia, grief 3

Thyme uplifting, stimulant, relieves stress   4

Verbena, Lemon calming, relieves nervousness    3

Ylang-ylang deeply relaxing, relieves anger, depression 5

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