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To read a specific article, just click on the title. A small disclaimer: while all the articles published here are worth reading, we may or may not necessarily share the opinions of the author, their specific beliefs, or the ways of their magic. Articles may be downloaded for personal use. We would ask that you please not publish them anywhere else without our permission. To submit an article, poem, or artwork please see our submissions page. If you would like to comment on an article or link to us, e-mail us at:
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Paganism on the Rise? Why Now? newsign.gif (26073 bytes)

Book Reviews - See what's new on the market from Llewellyn

Totems - do I have one? - learn to discover yours

Unity - yep, here are again!

Open House - Are you ready to open your home to others?

Planets of Power - planetary correspondences

Healing With Energy - a simple how to guide for beginners

The Crafty Witch - mask making for Samhain

Ritualistic Decoration - is body painting only for females?

The Art of Perspective - from the Art of Living

Aromatherapy for the Bath - complete with magickal use oils list!

The Making of A High Priestess by StarrWalker - Is it an instant thing?

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