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Making Your Budget Majikal
by Storm Ryan  

First of all, let's look at what a budget is. According to the dictionary it is: "An estimate or statement of expected income and expenditures for a given period" or the "Amount of money allotted for a particular purpose or given period of time." Now that we know what a budget is, lets look at how we can build more majikal items into our budget.

I remember as a child my parents would work for weeks at a time on the family budget, making sure that everything we needed was taken care of. If there was any money left over from paying all of the bills, then we would discuss what do to with it. A portion always went into savings for those unplanned emergencies and we always found enough left over to have a family vacation of some sort. We were taught that careful planning and proper budgeting was the best way to keep track of what you had, what you had done, and where you were going.  We were told that it was a formula for a successful life. I have found those lessons to be valuable in my majikal life as well.

Everyone has heard that money is what makes the "world go round," and in one sense that is a true statement. But as Pagans we know that it takes more that just money to make things happen. Everything that we do on a majikal level takes energy. Think back to when you were first beginning to study the Craft, didn't learning something new take up a lot of your time?

We can expand our definition of what a budget is to include more of our resources. To a majikal person time and energy may often take on a more significant role than money. With time and energy you can create money but, money cannot give you back wasted time or rejuvenate your depleted energy. Budgeting our time and energy can be a vital majikal ritual that we participate in on a regular basis. I have found that one of the most effective ways of doing this is to write things down in a calendar or planner. You don't have to spend a lot of money on one of those fancy leather bound executive style planners. Hallmark gives away small purse/pocket size calendars every year. All you have to do it pick one up. Once you begin to write down what you're doing you can then see what it is that you're doing. Then you can see if you can get the same things done more efficiently. That will help you to create more time and use less energy. It also gives you a record of where you spent your time & energy. Often times I have found that I had much more time than I thought I did

Many majikal practitioners keep some kind of records as to the majik they have done. It is a way for them to see what has worked for them in different situations in the past so that if they run across a similar set of circumstances they can just adapt what they did to fit this newest situation. It is also a wonderful way to see how much you have grown, as a person and also as a witch. Many of us have only thought of our personal Book of Shadows as kind of majikal diary. Now we can use it as a tool to help us budget our majikal time, energy, and efforts.  A properly kept Book of Shadows, certainly fits the formula for success. It shows you where you have been and what you have done it also points you to where you are or should be going. Try working on your majikal budget for a month see if you can notice the  difference in your own life. Blessed Be!




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