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door.wmf (2678 bytes) It's Open House!

 Did you ever entertain the idea of hosting a pagan open house? Sounds like fun? Want to do it all the time? How about every week?

The reason I ask, is I get a lot of phone calls asking me who else is doing weekly discussion groups. We could sure use more of them! People are hungry for a place to go where they can meet folks of a like mind, ask questions, be heard, have an opinion and don’t have to worry about being safe.

We sponsor open weekly discussion groups in our home and have been doing so for several years. Each week we open our living room to the general pagan population of Phoenix, all are welcome as we share conversation, opinions, friendship, learn together, and discuss a wide variety of issues. Some evenings the conversation is very mundane, other times we have very esoteric magickal topics. It depends on what comes in the Universal mailbox.

Personally I have learned many things from this experience. I have learned about people and what to expect and not to expect. I have seen great acts of courage and witnessed many acts of kindness. I have seen people grow into wonderful human beings who claim their own power and I have seen folks who have still yet to learn what personal power is all about!

Running a discussion group has been a real growth experience for me. I used to be quite a shy wallflower at one point in my life. It is a challenge to know when to keep to the subject of the evening and to know when to let it just run the gambit. It can be a challenge to learn to politely tell someone to be quiet, (or not hog the conversation!) I have learned by trial and error, just like everyone else.

Sometimes it can be tiring, especially if you have worked hard that day, for there are no Fridays off. This is a commitment for me and I take my promises to the Goddess very seriously. It is always interesting. I have met sooo many people and made some really great friends. So if you have ever considered it, try it, and you will find that it is a most rewarding experience!

Blessed Be, StarrWalker 

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