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Every Element has a series of associations that are magickal. By studying the influences of the planets we are better able to understand the powers of these heavenly bodies that rule the heavens above and thus influence our lives on both a mundane and magickal level.



Considered is the Master Planet in our solar system. It is the will, the creative life force, significant, independent, original, brings joy, success. The day of the week it rules is Sunday. It colors are yellow and gold. The metal is Gold. The Element is Fire. Zodiac correspondence is Leo. Although frequently considered to be male or God energy there are Goddesses of the Sun.



The Moon is the ruler of our emotions, of the psychic, intuition and the mysteries of Life. The day of the week it rules is Monday. The metal is usually Silver. The colors are silver and white. The Element is Water. Zodiac correspondence is Cancer. Considered feminine or Goddess energy, there are Gods of the Sky, and in Native American tradition there are Father Sky and Mother Earth.



The red planet of War, Mars is passionate, angry, aggressive emotions. It is the warriors’ planet. The day of Mars is Tuesday. It’s metal is Iron. The colors of Mars are the bright and hot flames of bright red and red-orange. The Elements are Fire and Water. Aries and Scorpio are the zodiac correspondences of Mars. The energy is considered to be masculine.



The smallest of the planets, swift, moving Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. It is the ruler of communication and intellectual activity. Wednesday is the day of Mercury. The metal is Quicksilver (mercury). The Element is Earth. Zodiac correspondence is Gemini and Virgo. The colors are silver or light silver-blue. The energy is feminine.



Known as the ruler of justice and mercy, it is the planet of the royalty, wealth, and business. Thursday is the day of Jupiter. In the zodiac it rules Sagittarius and Pisces. The Element is mutable Fire. The colors are deep royal blues and deep purples. The metal is Tin. The energy is masculine.



Venus is the planet of love, relationships, harmony, and friendships. Its day is Friday. The colors are green and pink. The metal is Copper. The Element is Water. The zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra are rules by this planet. The energy is feminine.



Saturn is the ruler of death and time, of history and knowledge, reality and limits, protection and binding. The colors are dark midnight blue and black. The metal is Lead. In the zodiac Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. All the Elements are represented in Saturn. Saturn rules Saturday, the final day of the week. The energy is universal.

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