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Temple of The Triple Goddess Statement of Purpose  

The Temple of The Triple Goddess Spiritual Center is an earth-based spiritual fellowship that is dedicated to honoring the following principles:

• To advance humanism by practicing a holistic and spiritual lifestyle through daily living as well as the spoken word.

• To view the planet as a living breathing organism that is an entity unto itself, and endeavoring to preserve all things sacred: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

• To unify the many and diverse religious beliefs found among the peoples of the earth and promote open communication with other churches and spiritual groups.

• To work to create and expand a united universal spiritual consciousness and promote religious freedom and understanding in all the world's societies.

• To celebrate, honor, and respect the many God/desses of the various world religions.

• To promote research and study and teaching of religion to manifest a greater global understanding for the preservation of all life on this planet.

• To honor and respect oneself by honoring and respecting other people and their personal belief systems, thereby aligning the positive energies of the planet and its peoples.

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