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Majik Comes From The Earth

by Storm Ryan  

We all know majik as something that we, as conscious beings, make happen. Does that mean that humans are the only conscious beings? I think not! The Native American Peoples have long thought that everything from the wind blowing across the land, to the ants and animals foraging for food, to the grass that grows on the plains, to the Earth itself has a consciousness. We as Pagans share their belief that the Earth is a living, breathing entity. Does that mean that the Earth creates majik? Yes, I believe that it does. I intend to look at majik made by the Earth in this forum. We see evidence of the Earth's majik everyday. The majik I'm talking about here is held in small chunks the whole world over: Stones.  Each issue I plan to look closely at a couple different stones. Together we will explore their properties, associations, and majikal uses. I thought that we would begin our quest by looking at a couple of stones that we can find right here in Arizona, since this is where we are located. Southern Arizona has long been rich in copper mines. If you are feeling adventurous, many of the Copper mines in Southern Arizona are accessible to the public and often give tours. If you tour any of the mines, keep an eye out, you never know what you might find! What some folks don't know is that where you find Copper, you also find two other beautiful, & powerful majikal items as well. Azurite and Malachite are by products of Copper mines all over the world.

Energy:  Receptive
Planet:    Venus
Element:  Water
Powers:    Dreams, Divination, Healing, Psychic "Battery Pack"

Azurite is a beautiful blue stone that can be seen in various forms. Many times you will see Azurite in small powdery looking nodes, balls, or nodules. If you break open one of these nodes, you may find exquisite dark blue crystals. When you shine a light on these crystals you may think that you are looking into the clearest, darkest, starry night's sky you have every seen.

Hold a piece in your receptive hand, not the hand you write with. Concentrate on the stone, can you feel the water washing over you?
I have found Azurite to be particularly effective when working on emotional healing. Its' blue color also corresponds to the throat chakra. Could that mean, that it enables the user to find their own voice to facilitate in their own healing process.

Energy: Receptive
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Powers: Power, Protection, Love, Peace, Business Success

Malachite is a stone whose color spans the entire spectrum of all the greens, from the most delicate seafoam green to the deepest hunter green. It is also known for its rings that resemble the growth rings of a tree. Malachite is a stone that is frequently used for carvings of small figures, hearts, pyramids, and totems. Malachite is most often used in prosperity workings because it is the same color as money. It is also a perfect stone to use for the protection of a child. You could use several small pieces in a protection ritual and then sew them into the lining of a child's' coat or backpack, so that they could carry it with them. That can help you to create more peace of mind as well. Many find the deeper green colors to be very soothing, so this is a stone that is conducive to meditation.

It also corresponds to the heart chakra and can be used in love majik. I have found it works well in growth spells. I carry a small piece of Malachite near my wallet to protect my money as it grows. In Arizona Malachite and Azurite form together, creating the hybrid we have come to know as Azurmalachite. Because it is actually both stones combined, it will share all the characteristics of both. You might find it is a perfect stone to use to heal your finances. Since all of these great stones come to us from the copper mines, it only seems appropriate that we take a quick look at what else Copper can do for us.

Energy: Receptive
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Powers: Energy Direction, Healing, Luck, Love, Protection, Money

Copper is well known for its ability to conduct electricity in the mundane, everyday world. Why then shouldn't we take advantage of that and use it to channel our Psychic, Majikal, and Healing energies. Copper is one of the first metals associated with the Goddess. It has been used in jewelry for healing, and protection from injury/illness. Several cultures have used it for currency throughout the ages. I use it regularly in my prosperity workings in conjunction with Malachite. Since it's planetary connection is Venus it is also used in love majik.

Now that we know a little more about Azurite, Malachite, Azurmalachite., and Copper. Lets look at the Care and Feeding of our new friends. I tend to look upon acquiring new stones and minerals as if I were adopting a new member of the family. (No pet rock jokes please!)

The first thing that you should do once you bring your new treasures home is to Cleanse them. You never know what they have picked up on their way to you. My favorite way to Cleanse a new stone is with salt & water. I like to bury my stones in a container filled with sea salt over night and then gently rinse in spring water. Once all of the salt has been rinsed away place them in the sun to dry. This allows them to begin to soak up pure positive energy from the sun.

After a stone has been cleansed you now have a stone that you can Program.
You can Program your stones one of two ways. You can sit quietly and wait for the stone to tell you how it wants to be used. You can slip the stone into your pillow case at night if you wish, to see if it will talk to you in your dreams. This process may take a little more time but is definitely worth the wait. The other way to Program your stone is to tell it what you want it to do while you anoint it with the appropriate oil for the job. Both approaches are valid, do what works for you.

Now we are ready to Feed our stones. Just because stones don't chow down a burger & fries, doesn't mean that they don't have the same needs that we do. When we eat food we are really ingesting calories. A calorie is the scientific measurement of energy provided by food. We eat food so that we will have enough energy to last us until we eat again. Stones need energy as well. To Feed your new stones, place them somewhere they can sit undisturbed for a few hours in the light of the full moon. This will enable your stones to soak up plenty of life giving energy to get them through until the moon is full again. Imagine how hungry you would be if you only ate once a month.

Now that your stones have been Cleansed, Programmed, and have had Food it is time to put them to work. Stones can be used in every type of majikal working you can imagine. One of their best attributes is that they are portable and can go anywhere. I carry them in my pocket, purse, and car for various effects. I encourage you to see haw many uses you can find for the stones you already have. If you don't have any stones I urge you to take a trip to More Than Pretty Rocks and see what follows you home.

Until next time, Blessed Be!
        Storm Ryan

Author's Note:
More Than Pretty Rocks is located at 302 E Flower, Phoenix, AZ (Just south of Osborn), call them for their hours of operation and schedule of events, (602) 241-1302.

Reference: Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, by Llewellyn.

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