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by Dragon Walker  
So, you're a beginner, or maybe even a long time pagan and magickian, and can't quite get the magick to work the way you want as far as relationships is concerned. You are looking for something to strengthen your current relationship with your partner, build strong bonds of friendship or provide you with a feeling of love and relaxation. 

There are three simple requirements that must be satisfied when working with  relationships of any kind, they are: Communication, Attention, and Respect.

TOUCH MAGICK allows you to satisfy all three (3) of these in one simple act, that of Touch. Touch is, in my opinion the most powerful of all non-verbal forms of communications because it requires physical contact with the recipient of the message. Therefore, if you are in physical contact you will by necessity need to pay attention to what you are doing and the response you receive. If a favorable response is desired then respect for the other person must be openly displayed.

The Word of Power required to accomplish these needs is: TOUCH.


TOUCH MAGICK is extremely powerful so beware that great changes will occur in all the relationships to which it is applied.


Remember that this is not to be employed while you or the individual of interest is working at their place of employment, sexual harassment laws are very real and enforceable in the mundane world.  Also, keep in mind that if anyone says "NO!" you STOP. If you truly are Pagan you should already hold a much higher respect for your Partner or friend than your mundane counterparts, so this should not be a hard thing for you to do.

Keys to the application of TOUCH MAGICK

Note: These keys are to be applied by both partners and not just one (1).

    Touch doesn't need to be sexual.
    Hold hands.

    Provide at least three (3) hugs a day.

    While sitting place your arm around your partner and snuggle close.

    If sitting at opposite ends of a couch play footsie and caress
    your partners legs with your feet.

   Give your partner an unassuming gentle kiss in public and hold hands.

   When in doubt ASK.

Remember that the primary definition of "intercourse" is "dealings or communications between persons or groups." So bear in mind that the most important aspect of yours or any  relationship is not what goes on between your legs but what happens prior to arriving at the point of "sexual intercourse." The higher the quality provided by the first, the greater the pleasure derived from the second.

The Universal Principal at work in TOUCH MAGICK is found in the
"Law of Cause and Effect."

What to Do:

Give Touch Magick a try for one full Lunar Cycle (Full Moon to Full Moon).

Burn a candle.

Burn incense.

Apply the Keys provided in this article.

Add your own keys to the list provided above.

Have fun.

A correspondence of the Body:

 Let your bodies be the Altar,
 Your Feet Touch the Ground                         Earth
 Your Tongue  Is Moist                                    Water
 Your Skin Exposed and sensitive                    Air
   to changes in the atmosphere around it
 Your Hands Removes all coverings,               Fire
   find all the hidden recesses of nature,
   and excites the emotions.

Ritual Oil                                              Ritual Incense
Into a Ounce Bottle place        Ground equal parts unless otherwise stated.
10 Drops Sandalwood                          Sandalwood
  3 Drops Patchouli                              Patchouli
  3 Drops Jasmine                                Jasmine
Fill bottle with carrier oil,                    Ylang Ylang part
jojoba or canola. Shake well.              Dragons Blood part
(Anoint Third Eye)                              (Place mixture on lit charcoal)

Ritual Candles

Use bees wax. Anoint wick with Ritual Oil, and sprinkle bees wax with Ritual Incense Just before you roll the candle.

The Ritual

Because of its intent no one can write this for you except you. It must be a ritual from the heart which expresses your personal and inner most intent. Remember that the other person must not be forced but provided the opportunity to accept or reject as they so will.

Some Final Words

 The Ritual information provided above is for those who would like to give the deepest and most intimate meaning to their journey, but is not necessary for the use of TOUCH MAGICK. So don't set aside this article and never use or apply the keys of TOUCH MAGICK because you think you don't have everything you need, because YOU DO, it's called your desire and will. So make TOUCH MAGICK as simple or involved as suits you. Most of all relax and enjoy yourselves. If your not enjoying TOUCH MAGICK your doing it wrong, so stop and evaluate what and how you are applying it to your situation.

May the Blessings of the Goddess and Oroborus be with you.

Blessed Be
Blessed Be
So Mote It Be

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